Privacy Policy

ACIG is committed to protecting your data and privacy. ACIG on-line privacy statement applies on the data you collect through direct access to this service provided online in addition to ACIG services provided offline.


Personal Information Collection

In order to be able to access ACIG services provided electronically via the Internet, you will be required to sign this statement, showing user name and password, which we collectively refer to as the official accreditation to identify you. As part of creating your credentials, you will also be asked to provide secret answers that we use to help verify your identity and retrieve your password and we may ask you for additional personal information, such as your residence or work address, phone number, your age or gender and in the event that you choose to make a purchase, you may be asked to provide your bank information and billing address. We may collect some information about your visit to the website, including the number of pages you have browsed, the links you have clicked, and other actions taken with regard to ACIG website and its services.


Personal Information Use

ACIG collects and uses your personal information to carry out the transactions you requested, to operate and improve its website, and to provide better options to the user. These uses may include the most effective customers and make the services easier to use by removing the need for frequent entry of the same information and conducting research and studies aimed at improving and developing our products and services. We also use your personal information to communicate with you from time to time to remind you to renew or send invoices to your phone, your email or personal mail addresses, or send promotional messages about available products and services.
We may send you some messages such as welcome and reminder letters regarding invoices and information related to your insurance contracts in addition to offer-materials and products. We may occasionally send you product or service questionnaires and promotional messages to inform you of other products or services currently available at ACIG.


Personal Information Distribution

Except for what is described in this statement, we will not uncover or disclose your personal information to any other person except for ACIG and its users. We may disclose your personal information if we believe that this procedure is necessary in order to comply with the provisions of the law or legal procedures, protect the rights of the Company or its property; or apply personal protection for the Company's clients or employees.


Access to your Personal Information

You can check or revise your personal information online. To help prevent your personal information from being scanned or viewed by other people, you will be asked to sign and indicate your credentials.


Personal Information Security Procedures and Measures

ACIG is committed to protecting your personal information and preventing unauthorized access or disclosure of your information by others. The e-store pages have special protection (Secure Sockets Layer). Also, ACIG does not keep any information related to your bank or credit cards or any personal and highly sensitive data. You are also required to maintain your account information and login information on your personal account and not to disclose that information to any party or person who is not authorized to view such information, as you may be subject to legal accountability in this regard. For example, did you previously share such information with any person? Have you used a person previously to make purchase on your behalf? Dear user, your eagerness to carry out your purchases yourself helps you protect your personal and bank data and does not make you vulnerable to fraud. Finally, be sure to log out of your account before leaving the website.


Use of Cookies (Indicative Software)

ACIG's website uses some cookies to enable you to access services, which are small text files that are placed on your computer or phone via a mainframe (a server) on the internet pages. The cookies contain information that can be read later by the network server in the field that issued you the Cookies. Cookies cannot be used to run programs or send viruses to your computer. When you log in to the website using the electronic credentials, i.e., Personal Identification Number (email or National Identification Number) and your password. This data is stored in the form of cookies encrypted on your CD. These cookies allow you to move from one page to another on the website without the need to log in on each page. When you sign, you delete these cookies from your computer. You can, of course, accept or reject these cookies. Web browsers automatically accept these cookies, but you can adjust your browsing mode to refuse cookies if you think this is better for you.


Privacy Policy Implementation

If you have any questions regarding this statement, you should contact the Customer Care Department via this e-mail:


Making changes to Privacy Policy

ACIG updates from time to time the privacy policy. To figure this out, you can see the privacy policy at separate times and you can find out that there are updates through the date of publication.

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