Comprehensive Motor Insurance

The “Comprehensive Motor Insurance” product from ACIG offers the best comprehensive coverage standards for damages and losses that may result from any risk of accidental damage or loss to the vehicle. The coverage also includes burning or theft of the vehicle, or damage resulting from lightning or natural disasters such as torrents. And hail, preservation and transportation coverage in addition to civil liability coverage towards the third party in accordance with the unified policy for compulsory vehicle insurance issued by the Central Bank.

Optional coverages also include; Rent of a replacement vehicle, roadside assistance, death, bodily injury and medical expenses of the insured or the named driver, accidents that occur outside the territorial borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, coverage of the driver related to the insured (father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, brother , sister) or the driver who is under the guarantee of the insured, or works for the insured under an employment contract.

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